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Jason's available for one-on-one online sessions.

Jason helps entrepreneurs with strategies to get press, develop their personal brands, improve their writing, get into podcasting, and more. You can book in 30- or 60-minutes blocks. Learn more here.

What to expect: A friendly, honest, totally confidential conversation full of useful takeaways.

What People Say

Jada Neoni

Founder, Jada Neoni

“Jason was so awesome. I immediately started working on his tips, and can’t wait for the next call!"

Katy Trost

ACC certified coach

“I got great insights on what’s truly important when looking to get published. Getting press is one of the fastest and most credible ways to build a brand. Jason was very helpful, gave valuable tips for my specific situation and really cared.”

Gloria Mitchell

Crisis Life Coach

“Jason provided invaluable perspective regarding the next stages of my business. The insight gained from the call went far beyond anything I could have read in an article or a book. Booking a call with him was one of the best decisions I've made for my business.”

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