What to expect:

ENERGY! Seriously. I'm the guy to put on first-thing in the morning or right after lunch, when you want to jolt your audience awake. In Des Moines, the founder of CiWeek called me a "raging animal." At the Aileron Summit in Ohio, I introduced myself by riding a bicycle through the crowd as Queen's Bicycle Race blasted. My talks are fun, funny, fast-paced, and inspiring.

And what am I talking about? Change.

As editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine and host of the popular history podcast Build For Tomorrow, I'm a recognized authority on change—why people resist it, and the importance of embracing it. I'll inspire audiences to make change in their own business, or inspire employees to embrace and create change in their organizations.

What Jason is available for:

Keynotes: See a few options below.

Fireside chats: Given my background in journalism, I can have lively, informative conversations with business leaders, celebrities, or whoever else you'd like.

Emceeing: I'll keep your event lively and on time.


Panel moderation: I'll keep your panel lively and on time!

Below are his two most popular keynotes.

Keynote: How to Use Change to Your Advantage

What quality do successful people share? After interviewing thousands of amazing entrepreneurs, Jason has an answer: They embrace change. In this talk, Jason reveals the tactics and strategies for turning new challenges into opportunities—and he'll change the way you think about change.

Keynote: How to Encourage Innovation (Especially When It's Scary)

Why do people resist new things, and how do we encourage them to embrace a better future? It’s a question every company must consider, as they change consumers’ habits and inspire their teams to innovate. In this talk, Jason answers the question by taking a trip through history—telling fascinating and often hilarious stories of resistance to world-changing innovations, which leads to important insights into how today's innovators can shape the future.

Keynote: How to Get Press For Your Business

Every entrepreneur wants press, but few understand how to get it. In this keynote, Jason digs into his career — and his inbox! — to provide a useful guide on what journalists think, how to grab their attention, and how to develop a press strategy that really works.


"Jason Feifer was DYNAMIC, ENERGIZING and ENTERTAINING!  If you’re a Chamber of Commerce or economic development group that wants to inspire your businesses to think differently, or simply spark creativity in the next generation, Jason’s your guy!  He’s high energy on stage, relatable one-on-one, and his message packs a punch of reality that we all need!  Our arena of 1,000+ Chamber members left ready to challenge the norm!" —Debra Teufel, President/CEO, Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce, Hutchinson, KS

"Jason brought our event to the next level." —Babson College

"Attendees often tell me that Jason was the most useful speaker at our event." —Adam Bornstein, two12 

“He's amazing to work with, went above and beyond to help me connect with other speakers, cares a lot about connecting with the community, and he’s great on stage too!” —Rebecca Croll, Startupfest Montreal

“After Jason spoke, attendees lined up for an hour-plus to talk to him. He stayed for everyone.” —Justin Lafazan and Dylan Gambardella, Next Gen Summit 

"Get him on stage, and he's like a raging animal. His energy and passion comes through." —Tony Paustian, founder, CiWeek 


Get in touch through the form below, or by emailing Jason at jasonfeifer@gmail.com

Dream Vacations

Keynoting the company's franchisee convention aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise

The Event Planner Expo

Keynoting at the 92Y

Today Show

Appearing as an expert on NBC's Today Show

Chamber of Commerce

Keynoting the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce meeting, Hutchinson, KS

E! News

Serving as an expert on the business of reality TV, on the television program E! News

Hashtag Sports

Moderating a panel with SuperBowl champ Martellus Bennett and NFL and Nickelodeon executives, New York City

Babson College

Emceeing Babson's centennial "Babson Connect Worldwide" celebration event, Boston

Diane Von Furstenberg

Interviewing DVF for Entrepreneur in the green room, after her Babson appearance


Interviewing Gary Vaynerchuk on Samsung's Consumer Electronics Show stage, Las Vegas

Stanbridge University

Delivering a commencement address to its graduating class of 2018.


Interviewing Barry's Bootcamp CEO Joey Gonzalez and celebrity hairstylist Frederic Fekkai, New York City

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