The Heat are in the conference finals!

But we can't be there in person.

So travel back to 2011, and sit next to the Heat's most psyched fan.

Alright, D!
Boo Rondo!
Go For It, Udonis!
Holdin' It Down For Your Team!
Sit Down!
Whooooo! #2
Alright, Lebron!
Go Ahead Heat!
He Didn't Even Do Nothin!
LeBron to the Line!
Oh Oh!
OMG Holdin' It Down!
What Was That!
You Can Do It LeBron!
Alright! #2
Alright, LeBron! #2
C'mon Heat!
Go For It, Bosh!
Holdin' It Down Heat!
Let's Get It Together, Heat!
Oh You Bad!
OMG Right, Sit Down!
You Can Do It!

The backstory: I'm Jason Feifer, a Heat fan since childhood. At a game in 2011, I sat next to this very enthusiastic fan... so I recorded her for 10 minutes, made a sound board, and it went viral, and then it ran its course and I took it down. But now, to contribute some joy to this awful year (and because the Heat are deep in the playoffs!), I'm bringing it back — newly redesigned, and as enthusiastic as ever.

Want more joy? Listen to this podcast, where I crack the mystery of a nine-year-old viral photo I took, featuring two very different guys sharing a pair of earbuds. It'll make you want to hug a stranger. (But don't.)

Go Heat!

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